m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: RTFM - medium or large format!

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Well, I just looked up the tour details http://www.lowerantelope.com/aboutTheTour.php and it says

"Photographer's pass is 2 hours in duration. One photo pass for each individual with the required equipment. You can purchase the pass at the booth. The REQUIRED equipment are a SLR camera, medium or large format WITH a tripod. No guide is provided for the photographer, but a Canyon Monitor will check on you periodically for questions or assistant.

Things to bring:

• SLR camera (medium or large format) required
• Extra film or memory cards.
• Batteries
• Tripod required
• Plastic bag (for windy days to protect camera or lens)"

Seems a bit stupid, but an m4/3 is not an SLR (bolding is theirs, not mine).

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So just take a tripod and any old DSLR (smaller the better....old Pentax APSC fit the bill or better still a film SLR like a Spotmatic) AND your other camera.

How did you get 7 supporting votes for you ignorant post?

Do you know what medium or large format is? it is not APS-C and it is not 35mm. it's bigger.

You should actually take a minute to read the original post before you climb on your high smart a$$ horse. The tour requirement was for medium or large CAMERA -- not medium or large FORMAT. Apparently their purpose was to limit the tour to "serious" photographers who they assumed would be using DSLRs.

Edit: if you go to the Ken Tour website they actually specify "SLR (medium or large format)". I think they mean APS-C or full frame rather than medium or large format film/sensor size, since AFAIK there's actually no such thing as a large format SLR. Also they would be limiting their audience to a very small group indeed.

Your thinking confirms all I have written. There is an organized photo tour which asks for, wait for it,

"SLR camera (medium or large format) required"

while you keep saying it's about APS-C or FF. No large format SLR? LOL.

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