My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Some of us have different priorities

Rservello wrote:

That's my biggest reasoning...those are useless features that add to cost and battery lose. If I could get a camera that had no extras with the IQ of the D600 for the price of the D7100 (or even D5200) that would be awesome!

For about $100 you can buy a P&S with the usual exposure modes, autofocus (although not phase detect), video, 3 inch LCD, WiFi, etc.  So the total cost of all those items has to be less than $100.  They add little to the cost of a FF camera and make it appeal to a much larger market.  Deleting them would be like asking the maker of a $35,000 car to make you a model without cruise control and power windows and only charge you $25,000.

If you turn the LCD off it consumes no power.  Even if it did the battery on most SLRs lasts for close to 1000 shots and you can always carry a spare battery.  They take up a lot less room than 30 rolls of film would have.

It makes a lot more sense for camera manufacturers to make a model with all the features and let those of you that do not need them ignore them.  I personally have no use for video but having it in all my cameras does not hurt anything.  I just disable or reprogram the record button so I do not accidentally press it and ignore everything video related.

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