My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Some of us have different priorities

Doss wrote:

I feel inclined to jump in here as RobinT & Rservello are not alone.

To the naysayers who say there'd be no market for such things: Well, yes there would. There are many of us out there who know our gear and know how to use it in such a way that we can hit correct exposure without the need to chimp, we can hit the correct focus using manual lenses (given a suitable manual viewfinder). For me, I practiced my technique and not wasting film depended on developing this skill. We see cameras as tools we need to depend on - so durability and battery life are two of the most important factors.

So, for some of you features like an LCD & AF may be an advantage, but to us they are just a battery drain, or extra things to go wrong or add to the manufacturing costs & weight.

It is clear the three of you are missing the point: the question of "will it sell?" is not a question of whether the market exists, but a question of whether the market is big enough to justify the cost of production.

Nikon released the Df for $2749 at launch, so what makes you think they would sell the camera you want for less than that, when stripping out the back LCD practically guarantees that it would sell even less units than the Df?

It's not that Nikon can't make that camera - it's that Nikon's Return on Investment (ROI) wouldn't be acceptable at the price your market wants to pay. Conversely, the ROI would only be acceptable at a price your market doesn't want to pay.

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