My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: Some of us have different priorities

Doss wrote:

I feel inclined to jump in here as RobinT & Rservello are not alone.

To the naysayers who say there'd be no market for such things: Well, yes there would. There are many of us out there who know our gear and know how to use it in such a way that we can hit correct exposure without the need to chimp, we can hit the correct focus using manual lenses (given a suitable manual viewfinder). For me, I practiced my technique and not wasting film depended on developing this skill. We see cameras as tools we need to depend on - so durability and battery life are two of the most important factors.

So, for some of you features like an LCD & AF may be an advantage, but to us they are just a battery drain, or extra things to go wrong or add to the manufacturing costs & weight.

Hey there... I was just kidding! Making a kind of "things where better in the old days, kid!" kind of comment. I happen to like viewfinders and I like AF, but I find that a lot of the extra stuff (especially any kind of in-camra effect) is totally unnecessary. I like to play around with manual focus though even though I like the option of AF.

I was experimenting with an old Nikon lens on my m 4/3 camera the other night and to really get the thing focused well at the max aperture I was using it at (due to very low light) felt like threading a needle! In a way I felt like the effort of doing that was taking away from everything else, like composition and capturing the moment. Still, the photos looked pretty good, much better than I thought they would and I'm kind of feeling like that manual focus thing isn't such a bad thing. In fact, it's s nice challenge. I'd like it better if the camera that I was using had a cross hairs kind of screen like the old 35mmm cameras had, but the focus aid that it does have despite not being ideal works well enough... even if it's more time consuming (and there's danger you'll miss a shot). I tell ya, when I was using 35mm gear I never coveted one of those camera systems with AF, my Nikon FE and the manual focus lenses that it uses were perfectly fine with me. Still, I like the new tech too (most of it) but I like the option of having some manual controls as well... The fact that I can use my old 35mmm lenses is HUGE for me. I'm digging that.

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