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About whether an impressive Hasseblad is needed in applications where results are similar to a D800 ...

For well-informed clients, no.

For poorly-informed clients (but with checkbooks), yes.

I guess some photographers get to a point where they turn down jobs because a client (aka boss) is poorly-informed about equipment.

Being right doesn't pay the rent unless you've reached the level of famous diva-tographer.

I imagine if the job called for some work that required an ISO higher than 200, the choice would be really simple. I was surprised at how noisy the Hassy was. Not even in the same class as my GH3, it seems. For that kind of money I'd expect better.

The new Hasseblad with the Sony CMOS sensor should be much better at higher ISOs

Is it a "full frame 645" sensor? Is there a crop factor for that format?

It's a 33x44mm sensor.

Wait a couple of weeks for the Pentax 645D-II.  We're expecting it to have the same sensor for around $10k.  If that happens, Pentax will undersell Phase and Hasselblad by more than $20,000 for the same imager.

And remember, implementing the Exmor is not the same as implementing the older CCD.  The Exmor chip has a digital output.  The "look" is already in the sensor.  Whereas the CCD had analog outputs, and the quality of the file was often a function of how well the analog and A-D sections were designed.  So I don't expect the Pentax will look much different from its more expensive competitors.

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