D800 vs Hassy

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Re: D800 vs Hassy

It's interesting to note that D800 shooters brag about their camera, but please note we're comparing the "best" 35mm sensor vs really long in the tooth digital backs, or simply put, entry level digital backs.

We rarelly see any comparison against the DMF big guns, like the 80mp full frame 645 sensor (Phase One IQ180, for example).

It has wonderful performance at base ISO, and a really distinct look, that only DMF can achieve.

It's important to note that those 22, 40 mp MF sensors are no longer their flagship models for a long, long time.

In fact, I might add something I've said before on these forums...

I shoot with a stone-age, 22mp Leaf Aptus back, and despite the fact it's ancient technology, limited ISO range, and the worst LCD ever made, whenever you feed this back the right conditions for it to shine, you'll be rewarded with an IQ that even the D800 cannot touch.

Don't get me wrong, not trolling here, but it'd be nice if 35mm shooters have actually used DMF cameras, before trashing those backs.

They're limited in ISO range? Sure, but that does not make them any inferior for the intended applications you'd expect a DB to be used.

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