m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Re: LOL They don't allow any digital cameras at all. Boycott!

wootpile wrote:

You can be sure the requirement details stem from a time now gone. Not the staff's fault, but seriously lazy management who doesn't care.. or more probably hasn't got a clue about photography.

If you look closely at their requirements it says:

in one instance: slr, medium or large format - so any of the three is ok

in another instance it says slr(medium or large format) - meaning all slr's that are BELOW medium format are not eligible. this is without a doubt a typo, and one that the staff think is law.

With their current mindset - you can't participate with a fullframe 36 megapixel Sony 7r --- because it's a mirrorless camera - not a SLR

Oh WAIT!!! according to the http://www.lowerantelope.com/aboutTheTour.php you are not allowed entry with ANY DIGITAL CAMERA AT ALL. It clearly says SLR..

If you traveled +2000 miles to participate and was denied entry based on poor staff education.. I would send them a invoice for travel expenses.

Bottom line - they are idiots and haven't got a clue what they are doing and their customer service thereby sucks.

Boycott them until they start wondering why everyone stopped coming.

LOL, good luck getting them to sign off on travel expenses for not following their vaguely explicit wording on photography equipment

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