Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?

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Re: Jobu Jnr or Jobu PRO2 Gimbal for 80-400mmG on D800 ?

I personally have the Jr with the 200-400mm and have tried it with the 500 and 600mm as well.

It will support all of them.

I have also tried out the Pro-2 with the 600mm - it is a smoother action with the Pro-2 - much easier to track with the Pro-2 than the Jr. The Jr was either too tight or too loose - I could never dial in the right resistance for easy tracking.

So to me, its was never really about the support - it was more about the size and the movement of the arms. You are basically trading size for tracking feel. The bigger heads have a smoother action but take more space and weight in your bag.

exRhodesian wrote:

The dealer has 3 of the Jobu gimbals in stock - the Junior, the MKIII Heavy Duty version and the PRO-2 and I have to decide which one - I haven't seen them yet.

You commenting on the size of the Pro-2 I'll have to take that into consideration when trying them out. I'm also getting the Gitzo 5542LS from the same guy so I'll try them out all on the 5542LS. To be honest with you , due to the cost, I doubt if I'll ever get a 500mm/600mm so perhaps the 80-400mm eill be the largest lens I'll have.



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