Do I need to download Nikon's lens distortion control data?

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Re: Do I need to download Nikon's lens distortion control data?

Bunza wrote:

Above is Distortion Control Data available for download.

Did my new D800 come with this already pre-loaded, in which case correction is already being applied?

Am I correct that this is the data on the imperfections of my Nikkor lenses, (pincushion, CA, vignetting etc.) that would be automatically corrected when using those lenses?

FWIW, whether the data is pre-loaded or must be downloaded is not addressed in the User's Guide.

As others have noted, this is an update to the in-camera distortion control area of your camera firmware.

If you click further on in your linked nikon page above (select windows or Mac) it tells you how to confirm in your camera menus which "L" release of the firmware that you have installed. You can also check on the list of lenses to see which ones the update includes correction data for.

If you use Capture NX2 software, it also contains the same nikon lens correction data, so you have to option to apply it to your nefs in-camera or afterwards.

My experience is that the in-camera distortion control (under the shooting menu) performs the same corrections as the NX2 software will do when processing your nefs after shooting. Personally I like to do it in NX2 rather than in-camera because you can click it on or off while processing to decide if you want to apply it. Sometimes on a tight crop, the distortion control will push out things right at the edge of the frame that you don't want to lose. Also, doing it in camera can slow down your shooting.

The other option for  in-camera distortion correction is in the retouch menu, however it only applies the corrections to jpgs and not nefs.

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