Wanting a Fixed Lens X-T1

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Wanting a Fixed Lens X-T1

A quick background: I bought a NEX-7 as soon as they were available stateside (a long wait with the flood!) and used it extensively as a family/travel companion ever since. I have many fantastic pictures as a result, however between the NEX menus, 24MP noise performance, and Sony colors, they came with MORE than their fair share of work. When it got to the point that I no longer wanted to shoot because I didn't have the time for PP, I knew I needed a change. Adding to this that I seemed to be using my crapish Sigma 19mm lens most of the time, I eventually convinced myself that the x100s would be a perfectly workable single camera family/travel system for me.

So I rented one. And, like everyone else, I fell in love with its OOC image quality, the handling, and the aesthetics. Compose, shoot, picture, happiness. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? Yet after a week with the camera, it broke my heart to find that this beautiful machine is almost purpose built to require a second camera. While this is not news to anyone, I really think this is a shame. As a tech savvy young professional, I think an X100s with a few changes would be substantially more appealing to many individuals like myself, who want stellar IQ in a lightweight, no fuss package that's not intimidating to bring out and about.

  • Remove the optical viewfinder. While amazing and a LOT of fun, the actual pictures taken with it are CRAZY inconsistent. After a week, I was still struggling to hit 50% keeper rate. Maybe throw us an X-T1 VF?
    -Add an articulating screen. In my opinion, this is simply a must have feature on a mirrorless camera, much less one at this price. Touch would be nice but not a necessity.
    -Add face detection and wifi features from X-T1. I need to be able to set the camera down and take a picture of my girlfriend and I on our travels and not have to pray for focus. Or hand it to a local for a quick pic without 10 solid minutes of instruction. Lack of face detection on this camera because its "not something a professional wants" is absurd and a total cop out. Put it on there for people like me and let professionals moan about not needing it (but who will use it anyway).
    -Replace the scroll wheel with the directional buttoms from the X-E2.
    -Weather sealing would be a serious bonus and would make it much easier to have this camera with you everwhere

Reading this, I think I'm basically whining for a fixed lens X-T1. A little less retro appeal and a little more rough and tumble functionality. Am I completely alone in wanting something like this?


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