ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

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Re: ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?


Ferguson wrote:


Same here. I have Lightroom too, but haven't put in the time to learn it.

It's worth it, would be lost without it. In fact wouldn't use ViewNX2 for this except for being in a hurry (a lot of people use PhotoMechanic -- if you are really looking for absolute fastest and don't mind spending money, use that).

Lightroom needs to have a way that I can view a full-screen image, rate it with a single click and have it automatically go on to the next image.

I also use Photo Mechanic, though only to produce simple web pages. In fact most of my images now are only seen via a web browser through PM-generated web pages.

You can use the lightroom Reject & Advance (capital "X" shortcut key).  This flags a photo as a reject, and moves to the next.  You can also set "auto advance" as a setting, which causes any rating change to advance.  It will also view full size (or any desired size).  What it won't do is do so quickly UNTIL it builds the full size previews.

I like the reject feature, because then you do a mass delete of all rejects (or you could put them somewhere else).  That gives me one last look at them just to make sure before I delete.

So it is very quick to do, if you let it build the previews first.  But if you need to go from card to done quickly, the preview build time needed to cull is bad.  Hence we're where we both landed.

Lightroom for me does everything I need.  I keep a Smugmug web site completely updated with it.  But it's just not fast enough for the initial cull.

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