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Re: a6000 External Flash?

Davi7d777 wrote:

Completed initiaing the swap with the Sony Customer Service from HVL-F20S to the HVL-F20M. After relating the information about how their Sony Store A6000 website accessory information is inadequate and need some webmaster work, they waved a restocking shipping fee so this swap will not cost anything additional.

One thing explained was the stack up to get the flash to work via a cord is:

ADPAMA $24.99
FA-CC1AM $49.99
FA-CS1M $59.95
HVL-F20M $149.00

Else could buy the HVL-43M for $400 and directly connect it via the flash port jack.

Will forgo purchasing the above cord prts for now and wait for the flash to come in then verify that works as expected directly on the A6000 hot shoe. Will be interested in knowing about any other cord or wireless solutions between the camera and flash.

One thing to consider when going with the HVL-F20M flash.  It is TTL, but does not offer HSS.   You will never be able to go beyond 1/160th with that flash on, or off the camera.  It also is not going to be much more powerful than your a6000's onboard flash.

Also, using the HVL-F20M as a wireless controller is ok, but there is a lot of lag when using it this way.  A lot of pre-flash activity and a delay between hitting the shutter release, and the actual shutter actuation.  I hated it.

I would go with the Phottix Odin and an older Minolta / Sony flash.   You can get the 3600HSD /HVL36AM for around $100.   You can get the 5600HSD / HVL-56AM for around $150.   The HVL-F20AM works well on the Odins too.   All you would need to get the above to work is the ADPMAA adapter for the Odin TX.    This will give you wireless TTL and HSS flash and you would not be putting an enormous flash on top of your nice and compact a6000.

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