Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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Re: Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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If Ricoh would drop the price to around 4000$ and Convince Samyang to offer, say, a 28 f/2, 58 f/2, and 98 f/2.8 Macro that might get some attention. Now most realize the camera at 10000 and new 28mm (also very expensive), it is just too far out of reach for serious consideration. This is probably why Nikon wouldn't care.


How much is the Leica with the same sensor? Or the hassleblad or Phase competition? What are their autofocus modules like? What's the weather sealing like on those cameras?

No disagreement there - I'd consider it a great value as well. The thread seems more about if Pentax can sell 1 645D-II for every 1000 D800s Nikon sells. My point was just the role of pricing in marketing. Ricoh might even make more money selling the cameras at a loss (since the sensor is now CMOS price can come down over time) and make money on lenses.

I think that the Pentax 645D offers great value actually, I am looking at adding MF this year and the Pentax would probably be front runner for what I want even if they were all the same price.

Many will.

As you mentioned in another post, the possibility of what Sony might do is putting the breaks on making a decision :). The downside for them is no legacy lenses and no MF history to fall back on,

Never stopped them before.

maybe they could get Zeiss to do them with all of their 'blad and Contax experience but they would not be cheap!

Now they are coming out with curved sensor technology. This is very interesting. We had a thread here a while back where some bright forum member suggested that. Keep your eye on Sony!

If the 645 Z sensor has the same level of technology as the current sensors the gain over the D800 would only be 1.6 (diagonal) to 1.49 (horizontal) times more light gathering depending on how you crop the image. Sure the image will have more resolution but as far as noise 645 at iso 160 will look like the D800 at iso 100 something that is not too ground breaking for the cost of going 645, now if it was a full 645 now you have my attention. Also the dof control with a cropped 645 again you are only dealing with a factor of 1.3 to 1.22 shallower dof for the same F 1.4 so again that is not earth shattering. If low light is your thing FF with F1.4 and F1.8 lens stil given you better low light gathering ability as I see no F1.8 645 lenses in production that would directly compete with the faster FF lenses

The more I look at it the difference between cropped 645 and FF I see its  smaller than the difference between 4/3 and aspc

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