m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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tour company would be perfectly happy

Lab D wrote:

As other have said you could pick up a use E-420, broken E-1, or even a film Canon AE-1 on ebay, and bring it along for access. Simple carry your mirrorless camera in your bag and have the old film SLR hanging from you neck for looks.

Yeah, but I don't think the tour company would view this as a failure. They are simply trying to create an easy rule for limiting the special extended tours to people who are really serious about photography. It's a triage mechanism to keep casual snapshooters from taking up the limited number of slots available for self-guided 2-hour tours. (In that sense, photographers should maybe be applauding this company. In how many realms are there special rules in our favor?)

So anyway, if you're willing to buy a whole separate camera just to get a permit, you're definitely serious about your photography. The tour company's mechanism worked perfectly!

Whether they should be in the business of deciding who is serious enough to deserve a 2-hour slot is another question (I'm of two minds). But if they are going to do it, they should switch their criteria to a camera with interchangeable lens, along with the existing requirement for a tripod. That would do the job just as well, I think, without the logical holes. And it would be just as easy to train company employees about and for them to implement in practice.

That last point is obviously the main driver here -- whatever mechanism they use has to be easy for employees who are not photo nuts, and who are dealing with hundreds, maybe thousands, of customers every day to implement.

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