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Re: Invest in lenses and.....

Thanks everyone for the advice. I was shooting my high school alma mater (I graduated 16 years ago) through its tournament run, which just ended last Saturday night in its first-ever state championship. So any new gear would basically be for next year.

I was right under the basket or, at times, a few rows back when shooting, which is obviously where you want to be.

45mm on my telephoto was working well for me (purely in terms of focal length, not anything else) as long as the players were on my side of the court. Definitely not good for shooting the opposite end.

Of course, at 45mm with my tele lens, I could only open to f4.0. Having a 45mm lens at f1.8 would make a big difference. So I think I'll pass on the used E-PM1 I found based on everyone's advice and save up for the 45mm prime.

One more question...if I shoot at f1.8, is that depth of field too shallow for proper focusing at a basketball game? I noticed some blurriness in my shots with my 25mm prime at f1.4, but I couldn't figure out if that was the result of the shutter speed being too slow or the players being out of focus.

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