m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Sorry, not gonna work - no mirror -nt

Michael Meissner wrote:

Now, I realize this would probably only make things worse, but hey, what the heck.

Since 2010, I have been on a mission to disguise my cameras. Usually I use a 1930's press photographer's bellows camera as my inspiration. After starting down this path, I discovered the design ethic steampunk (or if you want to be pedantic, dieselpunk, but nobody out here uses that term), but in 2010, I was unaware of steampunk and I just wanted to do something cool

I first tried 4x6 cameras, but the E-P2 is just too large to fit. So I moved up to the harder to find 5x7 large format cameras (at least harder to find in my price range). When I got it, I found that the 14-42mm is the only lens I own that fits in the Pony Premo without modification. I could not use the normal RM-UC1 to fire the camera without drilling a hole in the Pony Premo, so I adapted a mechanic cable release to use on the camera. One of the design issues, are these cameras have the lens in the middle, but most digital cameras have the lens on one side.

I moved to creating custom shells to house the E-3/E-5/E-M5 so I could do outdoor events without worrying about rain. The Pony Premo is now starting to show wear, so I only bring it out for limited viewings now.

Here are some pictures:

Front view of E-P2 inside of Kodak Pony Premo

Close up of E-P2 inside of Kodak Pony Premo

Kodak Pony Premo with back closed

Picture of me with my original steampunk camera and my squirrel mascot

Retro camera shoots a renaissance faire

Mechanical shutter release on E-P2

As I said, I have moved away to making/adapting shells for the steampunk camera, here are some pictures:

E-PM2 inside wooden cigar box, front view

E-PM2 inside wooden cigar box, back view

E-PM2 inside wooden cigar box, side view

Olympus TG-2 'suitcase' camera

Olympus TG-2 'suitcase' camera.

Olympus E-5 pumpkin camera

E-P2 in Kodak Pony Premo (left), E-5 steampunk camera (center), VG-120 steampunk camera (right)

Back view o a trio of steampunk cameras

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