My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: And we thought Nikon's current management was poor

Oly Canikon wrote:

Rservello wrote:

But a D610 with no LCD or auto features shouldn't cost nearly as much to produce..

I do look at the histogram in order to make sure I am exposing evenly on a test shot, but after that I just shoot and look later.

So which is it? You want a D610 with no LCD but you want an LCD to check the histogram. You seem to be contradicting yourself.

I said that is what I use the LCD for. Could I live without it...without a doubt. I feel like I tend to look at it just to confirm I am shooting correctly...9/10 times I glance and say...yup, looks great. So if I could stop that compulsion I would probably get more shots.

And I never said I want a D610 with no LCD.  I want the older form factor, and dials.  So, as the OP said.  An old camera with a digital sensor.

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