My dream full-frame camera.

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Re: My dream full-frame camera.

Rservello wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Rservello wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

robin t wrote:

Weight: FT2 wins

Battery Life: FT2 slaughters
Image quality: equal
Indestructibility: FT2 by miles
Price: FT2
Quality glass at a reasonable price: FT2
Fun to use: FT2 in a landslide

So why can't we get back to this?

Because two of them are dead false, IMHO - Image quality and fun to use.

The image quality of film was pretty horrible unless you were shooting at ISO 100 or below (ISO 400 film was the red-line for me, while ISO 12,800 is the red-line in digital for me). And modern digitals have three distinct features that just crush old film systems for fun to use for me - ability to change ISO on the fly, tracking autofocus, and image stabilization.

For me, the reason I would want this is because of high ISO...the ability to shift ISO as a part of exposure selection as needed, and IQ. People love to glamorize the ability of film....but can't compare in low light, hand held. Sure you could get an image but it would have massive motion blur and be grainy as hell. Digital has the distinct advantage of high speed low light ability. You can keep your auto anything. I just want to shoot like a film camera with the quality of digital.

90+% of what I shoot are moving targets, so tracking AF is a huge, huge advantage over the manual focus of my AE-1.

That would be your case use. But for someone that only shoots portraits, or still lifes, or even studio work....that would be very different. Again, you can have a D4s for high speed and a Leica M9 for weekend fun.

I don't understand at all how removing functionality makes something better.  You can always use single-shot AF or manual focus on an autofocus camera.  You can always ignore the back-panel LCD if you don't need it.  You can put the camera in M mode and use the in-camera meter or even an handheld light meter.  How does taking these in-camera features out of the camera improve either your photography or your enjoyment of using the camera?

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