D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: D9300 - For real or just another tease?

Inclined to agree with you - different level of  performance rather than upgrade of an existing model.  Frankly, though, I cannot understand how anyone selling cameras can handle Nikon's products - three 3000 series bodies still out there; three 5000 series bodies out there; and two 7000 series bodies still out there.  Some may be out of Nikon's official catalog but these puppies are in camera stores around the world.  Too damn many choices with too little differentiation between them and only small price differences between models in the same series, so if a dealer has a slightly older version and the newer, the consumer pops for the newer one and the old one sits on the dealer's shelf, in inventory.  I think Nikon saw more sales potential at the low price end and tried to carpet bomb the market with small steps between the models and frankly forgot about the serious amateur/semi pro guys who really USE a D300 and wanted an upgrade which would incorporate new sensor technology, software improvements, etc.  Hopefully though, the rumored 9300 will be in a class of it's own, and not just a D7100 say, with some new feature.  Nikon has to understand Build Quality; AF accuracy and speed; FPS for action photography; buffer, etc, are all things serious shooters need and want in their camera, and they deliver, or else we will be disappointed with what "new" body they deliver next.

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