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Lord Mox wrote:

Antony John wrote:

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing without a known cause.

The aircraft in question was (is) a Boeing 777. Have Boeing grounded all 'planes made by them or even the 777 until they find out what happened? Coming on the back of the Lithium batteries bursting into flames on their aircraft to boot.

239 possible corpses but Boeing continues 'as usual'? Did Boeing instruct all carriers to stop using their aircraft until they had figured out what the problems were - or still are?

According to some Nikon were supposed to immediately halt production of a camera until 'spots on the sensor' had been resolved and recall all those sold.A real 'life and death' issue.

Humanity at its best.

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Carpe diem - or not ...

Preface: Please don't consider my reply here an attempt to substantiate my original post in anyway. I may disagree with the analogy in its relation to the original post. But...

AJ, very interesting observation indeed. Despite all the horror and deaths caused by Boeing in the past, there are thousands if not millions who still prefer using their airplanes rather than any other manufacturer. It must be the so called "Stockholm syndrome," I believe. Oh wait, let's check with wikipedia first.

Yes, it would have been better to check Wikipedia first, because that has NOTHING to do with "Stockholm syndrome". No hostages involved, airlines can buy whatever they want, some buy Boeing, some Airbus, Bombardier or whatever else, some buy a mixture of them.

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