D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: April fools?

Artie Morris posted what turned out to be an April Fool's Day joke on his website, talking about a camo version of a DSLR that had built in game calls, ISO numbers you needed a calculator to understand - totally unreal specs - and even that Rick "Salmon" was involved, etc (not Rick Samon).  It was all a joke and my Canon friends appear to have fallen for it even though Artie does this every year.  A check of CanonRumors had nothing like this on their website so, it was really pretty obvious except to the naive who wanted to believe it.  Since CanonRumors did not carry this ficticious camera story, I have to believe that SOMETHING is true about another Nikion DX body coming out, whether it is a D9300 or a D400 or something else.  The trouble is, we have wanted a replacement for the D300/s so long, that we are all panting at the possibilities of what this body might have.  Concur with those who want highly water resistant body (be it metal - my preference - or polycarbonate); 18 - 24MP with Expeed4 to move it; newer AF module; clean higher ISO's; dedicated rear focus button; and at least 7 - 8 fps.  Would like it to have the 10 pin connector so we don't need to buy new things to connect to this camera, and would prefer a control setup more like the D100/200/300 had versus more menus to have to change common parameters.  Should come in at <$2K or so but I would pop for the right body for a few hundred more IF it really is the camera we are all hoping for.

But, blue is not my color so I am not holding my breath, but will continue to use my trusty D300 until a worthy successor appears.

Gary P

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