Prime use - longer term comments from a beginner

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Re: Prime use - longer term comments from a beginner

Just flexible point AF-S without object tracking. Tracking is useless on 5N. Tap the screen on your son's face and half-press the shutter release, if you have the viewfinder you can confirm by DMF as well ( that should give you 100% accuracy but obviously will slow you down a bit).

The flexible point will give you the smallest possible focus area, so less chance of missing the target and choosing the background. I have stopped taking pics of people, dogs, cats etc using any other method especially wide open. This will also work with groups of people -  here with sufficient DOF  ( say f8) you will get everything in focus with this tiny focus point. It works for architecture or any other small detailed object at a distance as well - it sort of pinpoints the target better than the centre spot. At least that's my experience.

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