What is YOUR market like?

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Re: I answer your questions.

If I dare ask, what are people hunting in your area? Because while men typically won't pay to have their photo taken, that ain't true when it comes to being photographed with their "trophies".  In Quebec, to hunt a moose, you need three permits.  That means three hunters.  You also need to rent a spot.  In a good place like Anticosti Island or Gaspesia, you're looking at 3 guys spending a week of their time and a total of around 6-7k to have a chance of shooting a giant beast and bringing its head back.

I can tell you these guys usually have enough money to spare to get a portrait of them with the buck's head once it's been naturalized (not a cheap task either) taken, enlarged and framed to put on display next to said head.

Of course, if you're talking duck hunters, that may be a different ballgame, but if hunting is such a big thing in your area, I would talk to a local taxidermist and see what volume he has and if there's something to be done with it...

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