Kelby has gone too far now - Launches Canon In Action Tour.

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Nikon PR Swirls the Drain

G3User wrote:

Scott denied that it had nothing to do with the money when he changed to Canon from Nikon. Now it's evident he was not telling the truth. Today, he announced the launch of a Canon fan boy tour. Also, DXO marks say that he was not telling the truth when he said that the 1Dx was better than the D4. Nikon DXO marks clearly trump Canon's. What a joke Scott Kelby. I no longer subscribe to your videos or watch your pod-casts.

This reads like sour grapes to me. And on a practical level, I'm sure there are many more Canon shooters out there to pick up or mint than there are Nikon shooters to lose.

Insulting Kelby's photography or his educational material doesn't score any credibility to my mind. His portfolio (and that of his crew) usually looks pretty solid. Yes, his organization's hype often rolls like a Florida timeshare pitch; but when it comes down to it, lots of people on this board would kill for a book like his. And his organization offers plenty of practical, useful material--for beginners, the lighting workflow stuff from Joe McNally is worth the price of admission, alone. Seriously: $20 for a few hours of McNally working step-by-step through practical lighting scenarios? It might be the best $20 a new photographer can spend.

Let's also not forget what Kelby does: he teaches (proselytizes?) an Adobe workflow. As so many Capture NX2 devotees (still licking wounds from the NX-D debacle, no doubt) would pedantically remind us, Nikon + Adobe Camera Raw has never been an ideal mix--or perhaps could we more accurately describe the relationship this way: Nikon has never made much of an effort to play well with Adobe Camera Raw. However you'd characterize the Nikon-Adobe RAW disconnect, I don't disagree that it exists. If I were devoted to a start-to-finish Adobe workflow, I'd rather shoot Canon, too.

(Consider another aspect of this picture: while Nikon dicks around with "Capture NX-D," Canon begins bundling Lightroom with its full-frame cameras.)

Kelby's endorsement is gonna sell a lot of Canon gear--there's no way around that. Meanwhile, all those years that Kelby and his crew shot Nikon there was no official sponsorship, no reps, no advertising, no swag--nothing. Not a peep from the Nikon mothership. It's almost as if they took it for granted.

Sooner or later, Nikon will need to take its PR head out of its rear end. I'm waist deep in a system of Nikon lenses and flashes, so I've been crossing my fingers that it'll be sooner; but I feel like I've already been waiting long enough to know it'll be later. After all, you don't see China scolding Canon for selling defective crap.

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