I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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To answer your question, (the short version)

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What I would buy:


7) Mechanical shutter only.

I will disagree with you until the end of time. I like Electronic First Curtain Shutters and eventually, I'd like to see global shutters. My NEX 7's EFCS worked perfectly and I never worried about shutter shock. I'm not entirely sure what Olympus did with the E-M10, I'm glad it doesnt suffer from that issue, (because it's going to be my next camera), but I would have been more thrilled had Olympus put an EFCS in it.

And why would you want one?

A Global Shutter refers to an image sensor that takes data from different parts of the sensor at the same time. Data from the top, middle and bottom of the sensor is transmitted at almost simultaneously. From my understanding, this eliminates the need for mechanical shutter curtains.

Global Shutters pretty much eliminate the "jello effect" in video (because the entire sensor is captured at a time, rather than line by line from top to bottom.

Any form of shutter shock is eliminated because there are no shutter curtains.

You can use any shutter speed in conjunction with a flash w/o having to rely on ND filters or HSS (which would drastically decrease your flash range anyway).  With a Global Shutter you could shoot at 1/4000 @ F2.8 with your flash w/o HSS, vs 1/250 sec @ F11 with a conventional shutter on a bright sunny day.

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