I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

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Re: I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

Sam Rijver wrote:

123Mike wrote:

Hi Sam

What lens did you choose to go with the new camera?

I own a bunch of lenses already so I just picked up the body. I currently have:

* 18-55 that came with NEX-5N

* 16-50 that came with NEX-6

* Sigma 19 2.8

* Sigma 60 2.8

* 55-210 zoom

A sensible combination. Good, and not expensive.

Ever tried any legacy manual focus lenses?

I did. I have a M42 adapter and a Pentacon 29 2.8 and a great Helios 44m 2.0 lens. I really enjoy 'playing' with them but to be honest I do use them often enough. I really do like the option for the great pieces of old (and cheap) glass!

I like my collection, I hope to extend it with the 35mm 1.8 from Sony eventually. Or with some of the Zeiss stuff where I to find a big sack of money.

There is another toy I can highly recommend: Roxsen Focal Reducer ! It works with limitations. It really does make it seem like your camera becomes a full frame camera. You can a stop of light, and the focal length is divided by 1.5. So, that 44mm F/2.0 lens becomes an 30mm F/1.4 lens! Also, the sharpness is increased because the image is more concentrated, except for the extreme sides and corners. It has a problem with stopped down lenses outside in daylight which creates a blue large area in the middle, but that's not where you'd be using this. It's more for indoor or outside in *low* light. However, I was able to make good outdoor shots with it too. Those things go for about $100 on Ebay, and  you have to pick from what mount to what mount you're converting. Given you can convert M42 to A-mount using a $5 ring, I recommend the A-mount to E-mount version, because then you get M42 and A-mount compatibility in one. A beercan 70-210 F/4 becomes 50-150 F/2.8. 50/1.4 becomes 35/1.0 ! The sharpness is good, the CA and PF is... nonexistent just about! It's much much better than the arbitrary dismissals that have been assumed in places... They just didn't have one.

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