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FriscoRon wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

And why are you so obsessed with me? Looking to date or something?

1. You're like an act at a circus that defies our imagination.

2. You're a contradiction, constantly crying out about the sky falling, yet claiming that you're having a very successful year.

Yes, I'm doing OK. I'm not doing as good as I want to be doing. I've posted elsewhere on this thread the good and the bad.
Lost a baseball league this week from last year - not a great league, but business none the less.
Just booked a 50th HS reunions for june - they want 'the works' - group shot, ind/couples, candids and a booklet of the event. Should be a $3k evening for me. Replaced the lost income of the sports league.
good? bad? status quo.

So you go into your day job and ask for a raise, a promotion maybe, cause you're doing a great job. The boss says, no raise, no promo, but you still have your job!
So you come home and take the Mrs out to celebrate right? No, you come home and complain the boss didn't give you a raise or promotion. Human nature my friend.

3. You have so much advice to scare off newbies, yet you heed none of the advice given to you when you complain about your business not doing well. Yes, I know, you also say you're very successful this year. Please note No. 2.

Make a plan, survey the market...basic business stuff. If that scares them off as 'too hard, too much like work' then good.

4. You're like a Kardashian reality show. It's amazing how successful they are, given the lack of talent they have.

5. But I think most importantly, you seem to be on a mission to scare off any newbies considering getting into the field of pro photography, and I think many of us feel a need to balance your negativity toward them. We know, you feel threatened by them because their low prices are cutting into your target market.

Not really. I'm hitting them with a reality check. Most of what they year is 'follow your passion and you'll be successful!' Nobody wants to mention the little details...yes, you WILL be marketing, cleaning you gear, doing computer maintenance and backup, accounting and no, unlike every 'day job' you've had in your life you don't get paid for doing any of that.

I'm trying to save them from investing time and money to later find out no, it's not all rainbows and unicorns and they end up quitting because nobody told them what it would really be like.

All I see and hear is the 'sales pitch' about how great it is to be a photographer. Yep, I"m saying the emperor has no clothes...and nobody likes to hear that.

A good example is being a teacher. Summer off, christmas and spring break. Can't be fired or laid off or transferred. In most communities around here teachers are better paid than the avg household income, so it even pays well.
That is the sales pitch...
the reality is more like http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53430985

6. It also amazes me, given your success or lack of success, how much time you waste on this forum repeating the same spiel ad nauseum, and really offering nothing to the community besides your entertainment value. (I know, you'll say: Look, you just responded to me. But please count the number of daily responses you have, and their length. You waste a lot of time here, and that cuts into the time you should be spending building up your business.) Sorry, forgot, you're being immensely successful again this year. I keep forgetting with all your whining.

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