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Re: My personal Df review

Huckles wrote:

Hi guys,

this camera body has caused quite a stir. I was very hesitant to make the purchase, especially considering I wanted to put it into play into my Wedding work (alongside the D4 and D800's and Leica M).

Here is my thoughts on it.

My fb photography page is here as well:

No camera is perfect.. that is for sure.


I'm probably a lot more positive with the handling and build (never had an issue with the body feeling cheap or with the strap lugs for example). I think that turns on how often you use (and hold) other cameras (or to put it more succinctly, cameras other than DSLRs). Like you I also use a Leica M (though I use a half case with a small grip), but I also shoot (or have shot) a host of mirrorless systems - I think that makes me much more relaxed about the handling - for example, for me the X-T1 is (handling wise) a poor clone of the Df that doesn't quite match it in usability (straps on helmet...).

Nevertheless, a review based on personal experience is to be encouraged and it is accompanied by some lovely pictures (particular like the B&W work). Totally agree that the 58mm on the Df is a fine pairing, but I'm also very happy (now) with the Sigma 35 or even the 24 F1.4 (which produces just beautiful results on that sensor).

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