Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

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Re: Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

Hi Antal, you said "If you light evenly you'll lose detail in the texture of your subject. Which in case of photographing butterflies is not a good thing. The fine structure of wing pattern and hair on the torso does not come through well. So balance two lights , let's say left and right, in a ratio so that one will be the dominant side light for texture while the other will assure that no distracting shadow will form on the less lit side."

Can you expound a little bit on the balancing "in a ratio" of the two lights? Do you do this in intensity, angle (height) or what?

I understand the importance of sidelight for texture and would like to experiment with your suggestions offered here but don't understand the idea behind the "ratio" part and would like to have some idea of what I am doing and why. Thank you,

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