My dream full-frame camera.

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Maths and Rose Colored Glasses

I don't understand why, in 2014, you can buy a full-frame digital camera for anywhere near the price I bought my already 20 year old nikkormat ft2 for in 1994.

From Wikipedia :

The Nikon F with Nikkor 50 mm f/2 lens had a list price of US$359.50 in 1959

OK, those are 1959 dollars so allowing for inflation that equates to between $2180 and $11,200 in 2012 dollars depending on how you measure worth.

Now lets look at B&H today and what do we see : the D610 body only for $1895 and the Nikon 509mm f1.8G for $216. That's a total of $2111.

That's LESS than the lowest possible equivalent price of the Nikon F with a fast 50mm in todays money.

And the D610 and 50mm f1.8G are streets better in terms of performance and capability.

So those Rose colored spectacles of yours don't see things properly.

So why can't we get back to this? A camera with nothing other than light meter, lens, optical viewfinder, and battery indicator. Get home, stick the SD card in your computer and see what you got.

Because no one wants one when they could have a D610 instad.

And the D610 isn't the cheapest full frame. The Sony A7 full frame MILC is cheaper.

Get over the twentieth century. It's been dead a while now.

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