D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: D9300 - I think its real, but not what you expect

The only reason to keep the buffer small on the D7100 is to leave room for a higher spec camera like D9300. (... or some might say, they left a few specs out, for reason to introduce a D7200/D7300 later on, as in not want to give too much away for next years model.)

Just like the Canon 70D leaves room for a 7Dmark2 with better specs (like maybe dual card slots, faster, more rugged). Or why tease us with a 7D2 possibility in Canon rumors?

My guess is that these APSC sensor cameras will compete head to head. 7D2 vs. D9300.
Better specs for D9300, most likely. Better build quality than D7100, who knows? Maybe.

One CF slot and SD slot? Hopefully, as better for faster Full HD video at 60P (hopefully updated from 30P in full HD), and using pro extreme Sandisk CF cards. I prefer CF.

On sensor PDAF for better continuous AF in video live mode? hopefully. Or is this too much to ask?

D9300 numbering in line with the new D3300 and D5300, so says Nikon Rumors in the April 2 speculation, and they claim a reliable source for a new DX camera.

If this was speculated on for April 1, why could say, but it was not. My bet is on a new DX camera, though. Wishful thinking on my part.

One way or another we will find out, when they finally announce a new camera. But, when?

When it is ready!:-)

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