D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: What # system

rxbot wrote:

I do not get why a D200-D300 cameras are DX but D600-D700 are FX.

Just as the D1/D2 line became FX with the D3, the D100/D200/D300 line appears to have become FX with the D700.  We now have the FX D800, D700 and D600, leaving room for an FX D900, D500 and D400 to be added to the lineup.

The current naming of convention for DX models, i.e., D3x00, D5x00 and D7x00, leaves room for a possible D1x00 & D9x00.  I suspect the D9x00 will better the D300 in all aspects, except perhaps body construction.

I suppose 200-300 are DX pro and 600-700-800 are FX enthusiast or something like that. It must be confusing for some people besides me. I think all DX cameras should have been XX00 (4#s) and FX X00 (3#s). I could agree with a pro DX line starting at 8000 or 9000 series. I guess since D70-80-90 are gone the DXX #s are gone so can't be used for DX pro. Or maybe they should put DX or FX before model #.

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