m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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it's a Navajo park; access is controlled as in many other parks

gregbartgis wrote:

What I'd like to understand is this - does this cat Rockwell OWN the Grand Canyon? I thought it was a national park - ie public property.

A quick look indicates that it is not a National Park -- it's on Navajo Reservation land and access rules are set by Navajo tribal authorities.

This is about access control. The Navajo authorities put controls on access because the canyons are small and subject to overcrowding and/or environmental damage. You must be on a guided tour in order to go into the canyons. There are about 8 or 10 officially sanctioned tour companies. Evidently, Kens Tours -- the subject of this email -- is using the SLR/Tripod requirement as a crude mechanism for separating serious photographers into their own group for special tours that allow the photographers more freedom and more time (2 hrs instead of 1 hr.) to photograph the canyons.

Note that many U.S. National Parks also enforce various kinds of access control for safety, crowding, and environmental reasons. So just because we are taxpayers does not mean we have unrestricted access to all public park lands.

There is a second tour company that also provides Lower Antelope Canyon tours and doesn't appear to use camera type to try to identify serious photographers vs. happy snappers.

Here's a list of tour companies on the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation site:


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