Do I need to download Nikon's lens distortion control data?

Started Apr 3, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Do I need to download Nikon's lens distortion control data?

nikon occasionally adds lenses to the database, so your camera may not have the latest iteration. you need to go to your camera's "setup" menu and check the last item: firmware version.

mine shows version 1.009 as the distortion data file... i believe mine is at the most recent firmware level.

a couple of notes: you have to have distortion control enabled in the shooting menu under the auto distortion control item. this will slow down your capture rate, if you are a speed demon.

in captureNX2, image distortion control is an option, and not turned on by default. if you have a lens like, for example, the 58/1.4 which is designed to produce a certain look "wide open", you might choose not to correct distortion. that's purely an aesthetic judgement, but it's nice to have the option.

hope this helps. oh, and when loading the firmware, the common rookie mistake is to press the center of the multifunction control rather than the OK button when you want to proceed. many have come here asking why their update "failed".

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