Kelby has gone too far now - Launches Canon In Action Tour.

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G3User wrote:

Scott denied that it had nothing to do with the money when he changed to Canon from Nikon. Now it's evident he was not telling the truth. Today, he announced the launch of a Canon fan boy tour. Also, DXO marks say that he was not telling the truth when he said that the 1Dx was better than the D4. Nikon DXO marks clearly trump Canon's. What a joke Scott Kelby. I no longer subscribe to your videos or watch your pod-casts.

So, let me translate your rant to what you are really saying: it is important to you that you can tell your Canon friends that high profile people like Scott Kelby use Nikon gear to justify your own choices, and now that Scott Kelby has switched and your friends are laughing at you for using that argument, you don't like him anymore.

You've also apparently not heard about lots of people having issues with the D4 focus system in certain conditions that cause shots being out of focus, despite being discussed ad nauseam als in this very forum you post this to. I hope you realize that getting in focus shots is more import than any other perceived quality of a camera?

You've also appear to have failed to notice that KelbyOne has been sponsored by Canon way before he switched and that he did because it gives him more keepers (see issue above)

Lastly, he has a commercial company to run and staff to pay. He is in the business about teaching people about Lightroom and Photoshop and post-processing their images. How is this in any ways shape or form related to what flipping brand camera he uses when out on a shoot?

To get your panties in a twist because some high profile dude changes camera brand is rather pathetic, particularly when it has nothing to do with what he does or what he is known for.

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