Inconsistent aperture rings

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Re: Inconsistent aperture rings

I agree with you 100%. This inconsistency (along with the light leaks of the first X-T1 batch) is the main reason I am still sitting on the sidelines undecided whether to buy into the Fuji X system or not.

The memory of Panasonic 4/3 with their Leica lenses is still raw. Some years ago I bought into the system stupidly believing that Panasonic would continue with the lens line, only to see the aperture ring unceremoniously dumped and the lenses replaced by unremarkable plastic toys.

Changing systems is not cheap. Ask me how I know...

Now I am simply not convinced Fujifilm will not pull a similar trick in the future. Their current behaviour does not inspire confidence.

As for the variable aperture argument: it does not hold water. Leica 4/3 zooms had this sorted in a simple and elegant way: When the aperture on the ring is set anywhere from f/3.5 to 16, the same value is displayed in the LCD. If the value on the ring is set to f/2.8, the displayed value varies from 2.8 to 3.5, depending on the focal length chosen (at wide angle the displayed value matches the value on the ring, while at tele, the displayed value is changed to f/3.5). The discrepancy only occurs at the fully open end of the aperture scale. One click up from f/2.8 and there is no difference between the ring and the display.

What does hold water is simply the cost argument (and possibly testing of the water for customer response to possible future design simplification).

To Fujifilm (if they are reading this forum): You have chosen to own this market (along with Leica which is of little consequence to most of us) and you made many customers happy. Some display of commitment would probably go a long way to increasing your share of this market.

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