Prime use - longer term comments from a beginner

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Re: Prime use - longer term comments from a beginner

Yes, the E35 is a beautiful lens and a joy to use. Have fun with it! 

Your shots are also a good example of what is wrong with the NEX auto focus and how easy it is to miss the target ( where camera will focus on the background ). There are many deniers here who claim to have never missed a shot - obviously it must be the user's error. But there are countless of examples and stories like yours.

I don't know what type of focus area you are using but in my experience with the 5N, the only almost foolproof type is the flexible point. It's quick and almost instant with the capacitive screen and it rarely misses the target. The centre spot/recompose technique is very slow and doesn't work well with subjects like kids ( the centre focus square is too big on 5N and it can easily choose the background instead irrespective of the DOF ). DMF adjustment obviously helps but only if your child is still and posing for the shot and you have time to adjust.

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