m4/3 not allowed on Lower Antelope Canyon photo tour

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Nothing to do with Ken Rockwell!

genesys9 wrote:

I just returned from antelope canyon trip and as I made my way towards lower antelope canyon. The booking office rep at Ken Rockwell informed me that I cannot take the photography tour since my camera isn't medium or large size.

That was one of the most technologically challenged statements I have ever heard. Even though I had two supporters helping me discuss and at times argue over the point, it did not cut ice.

Having traveled 2k+ miles I was quite disappointed but there will be another day. I was carrying E-PL5 with Tripod and a rain sleeve.

I'm sure it's a slip of the keyboard, but the people who run this tour are called Ken's Tours. As far as I can see they have nothing to do with Ken Rockwell (the guy's email is keny@etc.).

I know Ken Rockwell is a polarising figure in the photography world (I quite like him), but the OP should really correct their first post as it paints KR in an unfair light.

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