Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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Re: Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

yup, the price might seem high to a lot of us but it's a very reasonable cost of entry, even if you grab the original 645D used.  Ton's for 645-A glass out there as well at very reasonable prices and one can always rent the 25mm when really needing wide angle.

I got to use a 654d for a few months and it felt so nice to be shooting a large format again.  Client canceled project so did not buy into it and that was what I felt bummed about, not the contract going *poof* but not being able to use it to buy the whole kit.  What might have been...

Well back to setting up my org chart for my organ harv....errrrr....donation non-profit.  Wanna sit on the BOD?  

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