Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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Re: Nikon is not afraid of the 645 Z

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If Ricoh would drop the price to around 4000$ and Convince Samyang to offer, say, a 28 f/2, 58 f/2, and 98 f/2.8 Macro that might get some attention. Now most realize the camera at 10000 and new 28mm (also very expensive), it is just too far out of reach for serious consideration. This is probably why Nikon wouldn't care.


If Ricoh would just hand me a $1000 check I would be happy too. I am sure Ricoh would lose at least that much selling 645Z cameras for $4000. Why would Ricoh have any interest in convincing Samyang to make lenses for them and lose any profit off their lenses?

It is only too far out of reach for some buyers, there are many (their market) that wouldn't think twice about spending $30k on a system, that is a deal next to some of the other medium format cameras.


You've outlined the status quo profile for this camera. And made my point about why Nikon don't care.

There is a lot more under the surface than what most people tend to see (or want to see).

One big, big advantage of Nikon (and also Canon) is that owning lenses from them is almost like having money in the bank. They don't depreciate as much and is very easy to sell or trade for a very good residual value. The same logic applies when a photogrpaher wants to buy used lenses instead of new ones. There is plenty from where to choose when it comes to lenses in the used market.

I am sitting here on 9 Pentax lenses, trying to sell them for one year. I have reduced the price of them severely and no takers! It is kind of frustrating. The only two lenses I was able to sell were the Pentax 'A' 28mm F2.8 and the fisheye 10-17mm. I am listing the 55-200mm zoom for $70 and still no leads. Simply amazing!

Amazing indeed!

Now, let's talk about flash technology and flash systems and Nikon has the huge advantage, even compared to Canon.

Nobody can deny how good Nikon's flash system is but there are also a lot of people that does prefer manual flashes

Now, let's consider auto focus technology and image processing engines and again, Canon and nikon are on the lead.

Really now? The only cameras in where AF has a huge advantage is their flagship DSLRs, the new K3 is not just on par but could be better, it is just the current lens lineup that is holding it back because of the SDM, so far no issues with HSM, DC or screw motor. AF speed means nothing if it is not accurate which is the problem of some Canon cameras (5DIII I'm looking at you). Even the K5II has a faster and more accurate than most Canikon cameras including the D300s and the 7D that still has a better AF than the newer ones. Please tell me of any APSC DSLR cameras from Canikon that can AF in the dark quickly and accurately.

Also consider technical support. With the professional support program from both nikon and canon, it is easy to get replacements when the cameras are serviced.

Please tell me how easy it is for Nikon users to get their cameras serviced from non Nikon service centers in the US.

Any person who knows about professional photography must know these facts. Also marketing image of the two leading brands is hard to beat.

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