Anyone has XT1 screen/viewfinder flicker issue under certain condition?

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Anyone has XT1 screen/viewfinder flicker issue under certain condition?

I have shoot my xt1 about a week, and here are some annoy issues I have encountered :

(PLEASE let me know if you have same issue or not? If they are common issues, I might keep my camera and wait for future firmware update. If I get a bad unit, I will return/exchange it with B&H before 30 days return window closed. your response is deeply appreciated! thanks~ )

(1) If I change exposure say, bit under exposed, then when I pressed the shutter button half way, I will see the screen has quickly flashed from "pure white" to the "under exposed view". I have seen a video on the youtube about this problem when you shoot an "highly contrast area". For me, the screen flicker will happen as long as it is bit under exposed regardless it is high contrast or not in the indoor shooting. I have exchanged my very early pre-ordered xt1 due to the light leak. I can't remember if that one has same issue or not..... I am not sure this is common or not, I have tried to compare xt1 with my xe2 and x100s. It seems x100s and xe2 handled under exposed indoor lighting condition in viewfinder better than this xt1. Well, when I put both x100s and xe2 1.5 or 2 stop under exposed, they all shows flickers. But not look as dramatic as xt1. It seems x100s and xe2 will flicker bit slow, but xt1 will flicker very quick. Also, it seems my xt1 is much more sensitive to the  indoor low light condition to start to show flicker. I would say, about 1/3 stop under exposed indoor lighting condition I will start to see the "quick flash" on xt1 screen once I have half pressed the shutter button. And this situation will gone once I have correct exposure,over exposed setting,or shooting outdoor daylight.

here is the link of someone posted same issue youtube video:

(2) Also, I see the under certain lighting condition, such as under fluorescent lamp I will see the screen/viewfinder will continuously flickering (it looks exactly like if I shoot a video to my old CTL monitor), it seems the screen/viewfinder trying really hard to keep up the higher refresh rate. However, this situation will gone if I shoot day light. I am not sure this is because of the refresh rate of the light is same as the viewfinder or not....... I did not remember my first "light-leaked" xt1 has this issue. Will call fuji tomorrow, see if this issue will be solved by future firmware or not.

I am kind of new to EVF world. The only experience of using EVF is I have used x100s about 7 months, but most of time I am on OVF. Maybe this is common on EVF? I need some help please. Again, any comments will be appreciated. Thank you so much!

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