D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: D9300 - For real or just another tease?

seahawk wrote:

But if you look at the specs - a D7200 would need to be an up-grade from the D7100 and superior to the D5300 while being below the D9300. Unless there is a new AF module for the D9300 and it is aiming for a much higher performance than I am expecting, this will be not easy.

51p AF, D800 metering, 6FPS (8 with grip) - leaves not much room for a D7200 imho.

Why assume that the D7200 is going to be updated any time soon? The timeline has been:

  • D80 announced in September, 2006.
  • D90 announced in August, 2008.
  • D7000 announced in September, 2010.
  • D7100 announced in August, 2013.

A D7200 isn't due until September 2015, so we are talking about something more than the D7100 for now.

Also, more fps, a larger buffer, and more external controls are enough to distinguish a D300/D300s replacement from a D7100 replacement. There has also been an improvement in AF going from the D4 to the D4s, so that's an area where a D9300 could also distinguish itself from a D7200.

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