D9300 - For real or just another tease?

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Re: appeasement from Nikon?

I have had a D300 since about the beginning and never bought another APS-C camera until two weeks ago.  (You loyal Nikonians can partially thank me if this rumor turns out indeed to be a replacement for a D300.)

I gave this a great deal of thought (common, I suppose) and decided I wanted (1) something lighter for travel, what I mainly do while taking photos these days; (2) some guarantee that Nikon would bring out a greater variety of and better-quality DX lenses to match today's better sensors; and (3) better treatment from Nikon (you all know this long list and I don't want to repeat it and appear to be whining).

A D5300 (at about a pound) seemed the best travel camera from Nikon for me, at least before the latest rumor came out. However, even if there is actually a D300 replacement, it will almost certainly weigh a couple of pounds or nearly so and, in any case, its existence will take care of neither item 2 or 3, above.

I am keeping the D300, 16-85mm, and Micro 85mm--everything else will go and these will probably be put up for sale eventually as well.

I have bought into the Fuji X system (an X-E2 and six lenses, if you're interested) as it meets my own needs at this point in my life.  I am honestly surprised at how many Nikon and Canon users have traded in their DSLRs for this brand of mirrorless camera and in the enthusiasm I see for it.  I even recognize a a forum moderator from Nikonians who is now a Fuji enthusiast who sold his D300.

Regardless, I wish you the very best of luck.

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