Inconsistent aperture rings

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Re: Inconsistent aperture rings

nixda wrote:

DocetLector wrote:

I really don`t understand why Fuxi`s X lenses are so inconsistent about their aperture rings. The aperture has to be selected in 3 different ways let say using 14, 18-55 and 27 mm lens.

I can barely understand the 27mm having no aperture ring but I cannot at all understand why are the rings on 18-55 and 55-200 unmarked! The big advantage of dedicated and marked dials - you can check your setting just with a short glance at your camera from above whitout even switching on the camera!

Fuji is inconsistent, yes. But also, putting aperture markings on variable-aperture zoom lenses requires a special mechanism that would only add cost and bulk to the lenses. It looks like a conscious design decision.

It wouldn't require any mechanical parts, the aperture is controlled by wire in all Fuji lenses.

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