A6000 or X-T1?

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Re: Upgrade path to full frame.

Actually not true. The new Fuji 56 1.2mm is getting rave reviews. Its cheaper than the FE55 1.8 and is a 1.2 lens sharp wide open (very unusual for a 1.2 lens) and fast AF.

As far as tracking AF I suspect the Sony is a bit better but really 8 fps on the XT1 with 80%+ in focus shots is enough to satisfy any imaging situation I can think of but 11 fps is better no argument there.


Best evf

Best LCD (super clear, best I have used)

Picture in picture manual focus - very useful (you can set it to magnified view and you get a little side picture in the EVF showing magnified view which you can also have focus peaking on in magnified view, very very accurate).

Manual dials (not everyone's taste but very popular)

weather sealed.

Generally speaking a much better lens line up.

Its a fabulous looking camera, quite light but really has a fantastic quality feel to it. Some may prefer the sleek look of the A6000.

IQ - superb OOC jpegs, great white balance, intervalometer, good menu system, overall very snappy and fast startup, can use the super fast SC memory cards for even faster operation.

Better high ISO performance. A6000 high ISO look good but seems a tad worse than Nex 6 which was a tad worse than Fuji X (I have used both).

True 14bit files not compressed lossy 11 bit RAW like Sony uses. So you have all the data.

Overall a very nice camera, very refined hard to criticise.


Most likely a snappier AF (to be confirmed but probably)

A bit more automatic - intelligent auto (which I like).

Upgrade to A7 if you use FE lenses means no 2nd outlay for lenses.

FE35 and 55 are fabulous lenses. 24-70 good not great. Rest of lenses to come and off to reasonable start but enough of a flub on the 24-70 to make you want to see reviews before you order. Fuji is more reliably top notch.

A6000 has a sleek look and a bit smaller some may prefer that.

PASM dial.

A7/r type menu system which is quite good (Fuji's is a bit better but really A7/r menu is quite OK in my books (I also have an A7r which I love).

The biggest plus for A6000 I think, is the upgrade to A7/r. You can use your FE lenses if you get them on a FF A7/r (which seem to be coming down in price a lot) so that is a nice upgrade.

Similarly if you have an A7/r A6000 makes a good complementary camera for the same reason and use it for sport/fast moving action/kids.

In my opinion the best 2 cameras on the market at present are the Fuji XT1 and the Sony A7r.

XT1 and 56 1.2 lens and A7r with FE55 1.8 lens are the 2 killer combos.


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