a6000 External Flash?

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Re: a6000 External Flash?

Davi7d777 wrote:

symbology wrote:


I hope you ordered the HVL-F20M and not he HVL-F20S. The "S" model only works on the older NEX cameras before the multi shoe.

Thanks Symbology, musch appreciated.

I bought it online at the http://store.sony.com site. On the HVL-F20M page Compatibility tab, the A6000 nor the A5000 are not listed among the compatible cameras. But neither is the HVL-F20S on its Compatibility tab. So what I did was tracked down a blog where it mentioned the HVL-20S as being used. Though now suspect they may have been using an adaptor. And the Specifications page on either says nothing about the nature of the hot shoe. So I had searched around a couple hours trying to size that up and in the end went with info from the one source. There simply was little solid information anywhere though lots of people have been asking questions that seemed to indicate a lack of useful information from the manufacturer. Note the Sony store web pages are one of the most annoying product sites I've every used and this is come from someone in hi tech for decades.

So will send it back and swap with the other model that is the same price.

HVL-F20M will fit A6000 perfect without any adapters; a HVL-20AM (old quick lock hotshoe) will fit with a proper adapter. Not sure if you can make HVL-20S to fit at all since it has neither old or new hotshoe, but a proprietary connector only available in (some?) Nex-3 and Nex-5 models.

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