Taking industrial machinery pictures - need help!

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CarbonManTX wrote:

I have been in the industrial industry for 20 years and am also an avid goto enthusiast. As an application engineer I take many industrial application photos for reports, etc. Over the years I have had always wanted to get better quality pictures. This is the photo enthusiast side in me but the problem is many plants do not allow cameras though I can tend to get way with the smaller point n shoot type camera. I have a few obstacles yet want better pictures.

I started with the Olympus 3030 years ago an then went to the Sony Cybershot series and have been with the Cybershot series since. The latest 2 I have been using is the DSC-TX9 and the newest is DSC-TX30. Overall these have given me good results and the range in which I can take the picture is very good. I range from macro to 4ft away.

The other obstacle I have is I am unable to set up any equipment IE: tri pod, lighting etc. Most often I need to use the flash, portable small light, or flashlight. It must be done during my inspections and not require much extra time nor elaborate set ups. This is why the point n shoot has worked so well. I may be limited but thought I would reach out. I am by no means an expert with any camera and certainly not with a point n shoot. My regular camera is a Nikon D7000 and this is way to large to get in a industrial plant for pictures.

My question is what camera option is there to keep me in a the small pocket size to a bit larger yet cover the range, and produce higher quality images?

I don't know about "small pocket size" but I find a Canon G12 works pretty well:

Focuses real close, needs flash most of the time.

But last week I had to take a really close look at a piece of machinery and I was concerned about using flash so I took my D300 with a 35mm f/1.8. This did a good job at ISO 1600:

Some noise at ISO 1600 but perfectly usable

So when you need it, a DSLR isn't too heavy to bring onto a production floor.

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