I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

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Re: Question about video stabilization

123Mike wrote:

Please let me know if I can do anything to help you out in your decision when considering purchasing this camera.

It is possible that some lenses will provide much better OSS for video that others. The 18-55 *sucks* at it! It's almost pointless for video. The 18-105 is probably much better because it seems more like a video lens, because it's marketed for use on those big pro video cameras they sell, and it has power zoom. So, chances are that the mechanics are such that it can move the image around a *lot* more. But that's a costly lens! It's like $600+! Why can I not have decent practical family use and have video come out at least a bit stable, like I get from my A57...

Hopefully, my question won't be misunderstood and that we won't have to listen to endless lectures about OSS and IBIS and all that. I know about all of that....

Not much help to you but I think you may be happy (depending on the lens), if not now, then with lenses to come.

I use the A7 and with the A7 kit lens, well video stabilization seems quite good....yesterday, using the A7 and kit lens for video on a trip along some quite bumpy Australian country roads....just shooting ahead through the windscreen, I was really surprised at how good the video was and a lot of that was down to the stabilization.

I would have uploaded some of it I was so pleased with it but the windscreen was filthy and I had three great globs of gunk on my sensor.

Will try again sometime though....the A7 kit lens is actually quite good I think and a half decent video lens.

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