ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

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Re: ViewNX2 issue - any ideas to solve?

I use ViewNX2 to cull before going into Lightroom, but I was using the arrow button to go to the next image, not filtering - you've saved me a keystroke.

I'm using V 2.8.1 64bit on windows 8.1x64 and I do not have a problem or delay in using your technique, if that helps any.  What version are you using, I think mine is old (and if it's a "feature" in the new maybe I should not upgrade!).

I really wish Lightroom would allow use of the full size preview built in, so I could cull there.  Using two programs is a disappointment, but using ViewNX2 cut my time to review a shoot down dramatically, as I usually discard about 90% of the shots (sports action).

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