Nikon SB800/900 real GN value ...

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Re: Nikon SB800/900 real GN value ...

Arnaud M wrote:

Is this due to the aging of the flash tube or can you confirm these values ​​?

I have neither flash meter nor SB900, but I had two SB8800's on my desk coming back from a shoot today. One has a brand new flash tube (at least Nikon said they swapped it), one a tube about 8-10 years old.

I broke out the manual and looked up the 50mm guide number (144 (feet) at 100 ISO) and measured off a wall 12 feet away. I did three exposures in a dark room - one at F13 (ok, not quite F12) with each flash on M1/1, and one with TTL. The histogram was identical on the two manual and just ever so slightly less bright on the TTL shot. All three looked correctly exposed (perhaps a tad over exposed, as the 12' was to a corner and the walls were closer).

Not scientific, but the guide number seemed to work in that regard, and the old/new had no apparent difference.

Both were with five NiMH LSD batteries, each probably about 60-80% charge based on shooting about 100 medium power shots today.

Sorry I can't help with the science, but the "gut check" says it all aligns for the SB800.

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